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    📡Guardians of Hong KongWednesday, July 1, 2020 8:02 AM

    Football Fan Detained by Hong Kong Police for Inciting Independence After Exclaiming "Long Live Liverpool"Mr. Wat was investigated by the police for 10 minutes. Although he was later let go, he expressed to reporters that he has been a fan of Liverpool football team for 30 years.
    After knowing Liverpool won their first English Premier league, he was very excited. He met with other fans on the street after eating and "felt compelled" to exclaimed "Long Live Liverpool!".

    Mr Wat did not understand why he was stopped, after the National Security Law took effect less than a day ago.

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    Football Fan Detained by Hong Kong Police for Inciting Independence After Exclaiming "Long Live Liverpool"

Mr. Wat...
    📡Guardians of Hong KongFriday, May 29, 2020 11:34 AM

    #InterviewClose-up: From "Five Demands" to "Hong Kong Independence". A new phase of resistance under the National Security Law(25 May)Ever since the Wuhan pneumonia stormed the world, Hong Kong's Anti-ELAB movement was put on hold until Beijing recently took the reins to formulate "Hong Kong's National Security Law". Tens of thousands of people returned to the streets against the backdrop of teargas smoke everywhere. Having experienced nearly a year of resistance, the protesters of today appeared slightly different from before. As the National Security Law draws near, their slogans no longer stop at "Five demands". Some of them are demanding true "Hong Kong independence".A slogan's evolution from "Five demands" to "Hong Kong independence"With cameras in hand, Stand News journalist entered the crowds today. They realised that the [Cantonese] 8-character slogan, "Five demands, not one less" has evolved into "Hong Kong independence, the only way out". Under Hong Kong's National Security Law, the demands of Hongkongers appeared to change.Shouting "Hong Kong independence" was no longer limited to youngers. Older generations joined in.
    In the past 6 months, 50-year old Guenjie (pseudonym) had participated in the movement as a Peaceful* protester. She witnessed anti-riot police beating up youngsters with batons in Mong Kok. At the time, not only she was unable to prevent it, but she also got pepper-sprayed. She admitted that when the movement began, she never wanted Hong Kong independence. The slogan she shouted was merely "Carrie Lam step down". She remarked,"Destroying the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] was unnecessary. It's just [our] faulty government. If Carrie Lam stepped down, it would've been fine. But that is not the case now. There is no other way except for independence."She still insists on taking to the streets today because her heart breaks for the youngsters. Having lived in Northern Ireland for two decades, she said of the rapidly worsening brutality, "No matter how chaotic it was (back there), they were never beaten like this." Witnessing the advance of the National Security Law, she said remorsefully, "Hongkongers originally didn't care about politics. If there is blame, then put it on our generation. While the Sino-British [Declaration] negotiations were happening, Hongkongers were occupied with making money."Editor's Note:* "Peaceful" in this context refers to peaceful, rational, non-violentFull translation: The Stand News

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