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    BIDIUM OfficialMonday, September 7, 2020 5:29 AM

    This is big adoption 😍😍🚀🚀

    Switzerland’s canton of Zug, to accept Taxes in#Bitcoinand#Etherfrom Next Year- Link

    Trackon BTCMonday, September 7, 2020 5:29 AM

    This is big adoption 😍😍🚀🚀

    Switzerland’s canton of Zug, to accept Taxes in#Bitcoinand#Etherfrom Next Year- Link

    OKEx Official हिंदी GroupMonday, August 31, 2020 10:05 AM

    #CryptoMarket Daily (Aug 31): The continued surge in the demand for#DeFitokens has driven the price of#Ether($ETH) on @OKEx higher over the weekend👇

    #Crypto Market Daily (Aug 31): The continued surge in the demand for #DeFi tokens has driven the price of #Ether ($...
    CWN Crypto ChatSunday, August 2, 2020 4:39 PM

    3 Reasons Why Ethereum Price Rallied 75% to Hit a 2-Year High at $400
    In the last two weeks,#Ether(ETH) price increased by 75% as the price rallied from $222 to $400. Many investors believe Ether’s momentum is buoying the entire market, and possibly even pushing Bitcoin (BTC) upwards.
    Three factors that appear to be triggering the strong Ether rally are: DeFi, ETH 2.0, and the current prolonged rally taking place in the altcoin market.

    DeFi growth is pumping altcoins but there are bearish signs
    Since mid-June, the total value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols has continuously surged. The launch of protocol-specific tokens, like Compound’s COMP as an example, led to growing demand for DeFi.

    Eventually, users discovered a phenomenon called “yield farming”, which involves users searching for higher yields in the DeFi market and switching from one protocol to another to obtain incentives.

    The explosive growth of the DeFi market in a short period led many DeFi-connected tokens to surge rapidly. In July, investors seemingly sold off DeFi tokens and other small market cap altcoins, moving back to Ether and Bitcoin.

    On August 1 Ether price reached a 2-year high as it surged to $395 on BitMEX but this has traders warning against a potential pullback. In fact, crypto-trader Edward Morra said:

    “Yeah, parabola coming out of another parabola is a sight to behold tbh. Also, this isn't sustainable and will correct. If you are new to this space - buy dips, don't FOMO at the top.”

    ETH 2.0 bolsters Ether’s momentum
    A consistent positive factor that supports the upward momentum of Ether is the anticipation for ETH 2.0. In August, Ethereum developers expect to launch the final testnet of ETH 2.0 called Medalla.

    When fully launched,#ETH2.0 would gradually eliminate miners from the network and reward users for participating in the network. The incentive system would enable users to earn a yield on their Ether holdings over a long period.
    Kelvin Koh, the co-founder of a venture capital Spartan Black, recently suggested that every phase of Ether would strengthen Ethereum. Koh said:

    “Every phase of ETH 2.0 over the next 2-3 years brings Ethereum closer to its final state and will be catalysts for ETH.”

    Altcoin season continues
    The Ether and Bitcoin rally over the last three days coincided with a drop-off in altcoin prices. In the near-term, the cycle of profit taking could continue if altcoins see regular uptrends.

    In previous bull markets, major cryptocurrencies and small altcoins showed an inverse correlation, meaning, as the price of Bitcoin surged, altcoin values dropped.

    The opposite remains true when Bitcoin price is stable or consolidating. This creates a cycle that causes BTC and ETH to benefit from multiple profit-taking rallies.

    Satoshi Flipper, a popular trader on Twitter, suggested that in the longer-term there is a key resistance for Ether at $780.

    It remains to be seen whether the confluence of ETH 2.0, profit-taking rallies, and DeFi growth could push Ether price to higher resistance areas. For now, the sentiment around the altcoin generally remains positive in the medium-term.

    AirDrop & Bounty🆓Sunday, June 28, 2020 6:44 AM

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    AirDrop & Bounty🆓Sunday, June 14, 2020 3:46 AM

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    EthereumSaturday, June 13, 2020 6:00 AM

    Мнение: Ethereum — реально работающийисточник финансовых инноваций.#мнение#эфир#эфиреум#Ether#Ethereum#ETH#ETH2.0

    CryptoLingo AnnouncementsThursday, October 10, 2019 3:28 AM

    UNICEF just launched a#cryptocurrencyfund which is now accepting contributions in#Etherand#Bitcointo help benefit children and young people all over the world 🔥#CryptoLingo#ETH#BTC#CryptoNews#Crypto#UNICEF

    UNICEF just launched a #cryptocurrency fund which is now accepting contributions in #Ether and #Bitcoin to help ben...
    BitcoinTuesday, October 1, 2019 5:15 PM Coins Report Mild Gains and Losses, BTC Moves Steadily Further From $8,000
    Tuesday, Oct. 1 — After signs of recovery in recent days, the leading crypto#Bitcoin(BTC) has maintained its price above the $8,000 mark. However the top-20 coins chart on Coin360 is showing mixed signals today, with modest gains and losses.
    Bitcoin is up 2.23% over the last 24 hours, and is trading at around $8,364 at press time. Bitcoin has seen low volatility during the day, having dropped to as low as $8,191, while the intraday high reached $8,529.

    In terms of a weekly view, Bitcoin is down by almost 15%, with $9,542 as its highest price point on Sept. 24, while the coin’s monthly cart shows a 12.82% drop and $7,797 as BTC’s monthly low.#Ether(ETH) — the second-largest coin, with a market cap of $19.2 billion — is seeing slight gains of 0.71% and trading at around $178.4 at press time. The altcoin’s weekly chart is in the red, down by 13%, while In terms of its monthly performance,#ETHhas gained 5.28%.
    Ethereum hit the headlines over the past day, with decentralized Ethereum-compatible network SKALE Network completing a $17.1 million funding round for mainnet launch, and Ethereum network’s Istanbul hard fork expected to break 680 smart contracts on decentralized management platform Aragon.#XRPis seeing losses of 2.43% on the day and is trading at around $0.253 at press time. The third-largest cryptocurrency’s intraweek low was around $0.229 on Sept. 24, with the highest price point of $0.262 recorded that same day.#Stellar(XLM), which intends to remove its inflation feature in an upcoming upgrade, is struggling to stay among gainers today, being up by modest 0.17% over the past day and trading at around $0.059 at press time.
    Chainlink (LINK) and#Tezos(XTZ) are reporting more substantial today, being up by 3.73% and 4.75% respectively over the past 24 hours. The major losers on the top-20 coins list today are Tron (TRX) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) , which have lost 1.94% and 3.58% respectively.
    Total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is around $222.3 billion as of press time.#bitcoininfo

    BitcoinThursday, September 26, 2019 10:09 PM Continue to Tumble, With Top-20 Showing a Sea of Red
    Thursday, Sept. 26 — After Tuesday’s sudden crash, altcoins seemingly entered a consolidation phase yesterday and for the better part of today, until signs of a new downward price trend reared its ugly head.#Altcoinsare still reeling from Tuesday’s painful correction, which saw double-digit losses. Bitcoin SV (#BSV) took the lead with a massive hit of up to 34%, while several other major altcoins were recording multi-month lows.
    Yesterday’s markets calmed down and seemingly entered another consolidation phase. However, today’s prices show us a more dire picture, with altcoins finding themselves in another downward price spiral.

    The 10th most popular coin,#Stellar(XLM), is the only exception that managed to show green candlesticks. XLM is currently trading at $0.058 per coin, with a 24-hour gain of more than 3% at publishing time.
    The number one altcoin,#Ether(ETH), dropped by 2.35% in the last 24 hours to a price point of $164 per coin — counting for a $60 loss over a period of 7 days.#Ripple’s XRP is showing similar downward behavior and is trading at $0.24, down 1.58% on the day.
    Other top-20 coins that fell considerably and continue seeing an exodus of cash are EOS, down 3%, and#BitcoinCash (BCH), down 4.7%.#Cardano(ADA) and#Tron(TRX) are both showing losses close to 3%. Huobi Token (HT) is the worst performer in the top twenty, down almost 5%.
    The overall cryptocurrency market cap sits at $213.5 billion, with Bitcoin making up 68.2% of the total.#bitcoiinfo

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